Entrepreneur Work Shops for Adults & Children

  • Innovation
  • Idea Generation /Thought & Action
  • Product Development Process
  • Business Models
  • Inventor’s Story / Presentation Deck
  • Hands-on building activity
  • Review & Questions


  • Business Model
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Distribution
  • Trade Shows
  • Target Markets
  • The Pitch
  • Revenue Streams
  • Exit Strategy

Motivational and Inspirational Speaking

  • Just Figure It Out
  • Second Acts / Time To Pivot
  • Get Your Ideas Out There
  • An Inventor's Story
  • Innovation Speaker Series ll

An Inventor's Story ; Class presentation
An Inventor's Story ; Class presentation

Speakers Series & Work Shops

The purpose of the Innovation Speaker Series II – Entrepreneur Mind Set and Idea Generation is to identify opportunities and take action to start new ventures. It gives entrepreneurs the confidence to network and find unmet needs in the marketplace, and the ability to persist with ideas and build on opportunities.